Office Building Appraisals Los Angeles

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  • April 23, 2013

Los Angeles Commercial Appraisal Office Building

Office Building Appraisals Los Angeles

Office Building Appraisals

Office Building Appraisals reach deep into the ancient times.  Any reference to office buildings and appraisals of office buildings first appeared in the form of chambers set aside for record-keeping in palaces of the earliest kings.  Much later, during the Italian renaissance, freestanding dedicated office buildings began to take shape in the great Italian banking houses.  But it wasn’t until the burst of technology innovation in the late 19th century that office buildings reached new heights, and the office building would assume its modern form.

Understanding Office Building Appraisals

To understand office building appraisals it is necessary to recognize the fundamental aspects of the varied building types, including:

  • Location
  • Size and height
  • Class
  • Configuration
  • Building services and equipment
  • Building cost
  • Age
  • Origin
  • Use and ownership
  • Markets

Office Building Appraisals in LA

Types of Ownership of Office Buildings

Types of ownership of office buildings are included in the Office Building Appraisal and tend to include: ownership of land and improvements, leasehold estates, and condominium ownership.  The different types of owning entities of the individual ownership include tenancy, partnerships, corporations, and trusts. 

Cost of Office Building Appraisal

Because the Type of Building, the Use of the Building along with its age, configuration and ownership use will all be factors of the Office Building Appraisal, it is not easy to arrive at an exact quote of an office building appraisal without gaining more knowledge. Visit our proposal page and submit a proposal for an office building appraisal and one of our team members will get back to you quickly.



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