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Valentine Appraisal & Associates offer commercial appraisals throughout California with expertise in pipeline and right-of-way appraisals across the United States.

What is a Pipeline Easement?

Generally, an easement is a legal interest that allows someone the right to use another’s property for a certain purpose. A pipeline easement specifically gives the easement holder the right to build and maintain a pipeline on a landowner’s property. It doesn’t grant the easement holder actual ownership of the land, just a right to use the land for pipeline purposes. The easement “runs with the land,” meaning that it remains on the property and applies to all future property owners. The easement should be in writing, signed by the landowner and recorded with the county recorder. Typically, a pipeline easement is permanent and does not have a termination date, although parties can agree to an easement that lasts for a certain period of time. Note that the term “right-of-way agreement” has the same legal meaning as the term “easement,” and that many refer to the piece of land that is the subject of the easement as a “right-of-way.” For this website, however, we will use the term “easement” rather than “right-of-way.” For all your pipeline appraisal needs, please contact Gary Valentine (661) 288-0198 or (407) 721-5373 at Valentine Appraisal & Associates.

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