Appraisal of Pipeline Easements

right of way and eminent domain valuation

 A pipeline easement specifically gives the easement holder the right to build and maintain a pipeline on a landowner’s property. It doesn’t grant the easement holder actual ownership of the land, just a right to use the land.

appraisal of pipeline easement

Looking for an Appraisal of Pipeline Easement? Call us at (661) 288-0198. After appraising thousands of pipeline easements over time, Valentine Appraisal & Associates are experts in pipeline easements and right of way easement valuation.


Please note:  these pipeline and “right of way” appraisal assignments can be rather complex due to complex legal issues and partial interests that can involve many parties. 


Therefore special language is often used in the easement agreement. In addition, comparable market data is often scarce. This makes calculating an exact  and professional pipeline appraisal more complex. 

For this reason, customers for pipeline appraisals and right of way, from Texas and Oklahoma to Ohio to South Dakota have counted on Valentine Appraisal Associates for their pipeline appraisal and right of way valuation needs.