Right-of-Way and Transportation Corridor Appraisals

 Right-of-Way and Transportation Corridor Appraisals require an understanding of three things. One: the definitions of certain fundamental appraisal terminology. Two: Florida laws. Three: knowing all potential corridor uses. Florida transportation corridor appraisal

Transportation corridor appraisals also involve the knowledge of which interests are to be appraised, determining the purpose of the appraisal, defining the subject area, and arriving at its highest and best use.

appraisal of Florida transportation corridor

In Florida as well as is nationwide a corridor may mean dividing it into several parcels for liquidation.

Finally, in order to arrive at the best right-of-way and transportation corridor appraisal will involve understanding the applications and methods of appraising the transportation corridor, which can be unique and diverse. If you are in need of a Florida transportation appraisal, or any other kind of valuation we can help simplify things for you, so please contact Valentine Appraisals via email. Florida Certified General Appraiser, RZ4132

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