4 Advertising Billboard Signs near LAX – Fair market rent for advertising on the high-end billboard signs and market rents to the land owners to assist the client in new lease negotiations, Los Angeles, CA (LACMTA)

23-mile pipeline – Located in San Pablo Bay between Richmond and Antioch, California (Shell Pipeline)

3.22-mile long pipeline – This was an appraisal of an existing petroleum pipeline located in Bakersfield, CA (Shell Pipeline)

21.5-mile petroleum pipeline – This was a subsurface petroleum pipeline running from Los Angeles to Sylmar, CA (Plains All American Pipeline)

80.48-mile Rails to Trails Project located in Shasta, CA (Jeff Forbes Irrevocable Living Trust)

12.56 acres of public land to be sold and developed as a multi-family residential development, Simi Valley, CA (Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District)

Acreage – 1300 acre parcel, Boy Scouts of America Reservation, Los Angeles County, CA (City of Industry)

Acquisition of 21 acres for National Park Service, Santa Monica Mountains, CA (Department of Interior)

Appraisal of hundreds of parcels for California High Speed Rail Authority Project (State of California)

Avigation Easement – including 6 improved properties at the Fullerton Municipal Airport, Fullerton, CA (City of Fullerton)

Best Western Executive Inn – a 134 room motel built in 1988 and located in Roland Heights, CA, (Textron Financial Corp.)

Car Wash and Two Cell Site Towers- Leased fee interest of two cell site towers, a 2,916 square foot car wash building, land improvements, furniture, fixtures, equipment, going concern value for acquisition purposes, Los Angeles, CA (CRA-LA)

Civic Center – feasibility analysis of 7 buildings equaling 146,747 square feet, built between 1923 and 1977, Corona, CA (City of Corona)

Conservation Easement– A portion of the larger parcel was proposed for a conservation easement, located on Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon Boulevard, City of Los Angeles, CA (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority)

Conservation Easement- Included the appraisal of 3 alternatives of proposed easements located on Carbon Canyon Road, Malibu, CA (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority)

Conservation Easement- Included the appraisal of 2 alternatives of proposed easements located in Franklin Canyon, Los Angeles, Ca (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority)

Contaminated Improved Industrial Property– 24,032 square foot industrial building built in 1967 with hydrocarbons in soil and in groundwater, Los Angeles, CA (ConocoPhillips)

Countryside – a proposed 53 unit residential planned development on 4.95 acres in West Covina, (East-West Federal Bank)

Easements – Underground Pipelines and Access Road Easements, Huntington Beach, CA (Poseidon Water)

Easements for Overhead Distribution Lines, Santa Clarita, CA (Southern California Edison Company)

Eminent Domain for the Partial Taking of 45 Parcels for SR-126 Road Widening – These parcels are located at SR-126 west of Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita, CA (Newhall Land & Farming)

Eminent Domain of Multiple Tenant Business Park – for a partial take to construct an interchange project for the Golden Valley Road, Santa Clarita, CA (City of Santa Clarita)

Eminent Domain of Open Space Land – for a partial take along the west side of San Fernando Road in order to construct a public road extension at the Via Princessa over pass, Santa Clarita, CA (City of Santa Clarita)

Eminent Domain of Retail Building and Lumber Yard – for the expansion of the Jan Heidt Metrolink Station, Santa Clarita, CA (City of Santa Clarita)

Eminent Domain of 5 Improved Properties and 1 Vacant Lot – including two industrial buildings, one retail store, two mixed use properties and one vacant lot along Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena for the development of Heritage Square, Pasadena, CA (City of Pasadena)

Eminent Domain of Automobile Sales Lot – for expansion of the adjacent auto dealership, Alhambra, CA (City of Alhambra)

Eminent Domain of 2 Parcels – presently improved with a surface parking lot on Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA (City of Los Angeles)

Eminent Domain of Industrial Manufacturing Facility – for the development of a material recovery transfer station, City of Industry, CA (City of Industry)

Eminent Domain of a Portion of an Existing Transportation Corridor – for an underground transverse crossing, Anaheim, California (The Gas Company)

Eminent Domain of a Portion of an Existing Transportation Corridor – for a surface and subsurface easement, Salt Works Station, Los Angeles, CA (The Gas Company)

Eminent Domain for Airport Expansion – 2 parcels and improvements, Riverside, CA. (City of Riverside)

Eminent Domain for 5 Commercial Properties – including a restaurant, an office building, an auto service garage, a cleaners and a parking lot, Alhambra, CA (City of Alhambra)

Eminent Domain for Car Wash – for a proposed library on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (City of Los Angeles)

Eminent Domain of 3 Parcels – including a residential duplex, single family dwelling and a vacant lot for the development of a court house, Palmdale, CA (City of Palmdale and Kane, Ballmer & Berkman)

25 Parcels and 1 Residential Dwelling for Eminent Domain – for expansion of the Marie Kerr Park, Palmdale, CA (Security Land and City of Palmdale)

36 Parcels for Eminent Domain – for preliminary study, including single family dwellings, multiple residential apartments, and office buildings, Palmdale, CA (City of Palmdale)

Excess Land From Railroad Transportation Corridor for Open Storage of Recreational Vehicles – This assignment included assemblage value, Garden Grove, CA (Union Pacific Railroad)

Camp Site – appraisal of the fee simple interest and market rent of a camp site owned by the City of Los Angeles and is comprised of a lodge, cabins, bath house, and cafeteria for possible expansion to the adjacent Mammoth Resort, Mammoth Lakes, CA (City of Los Angeles)

Consultation Study with a Contribution of Value, if any, of Spur Track and/or Rail Access – The conclusions in this study were supported by primarily quantitative analysis and industry-wide survey, City of Industry, California (Paragon Partners)

Dairy Farm – on an 18.66 acre site with 250 cow milking facility in Fresno, CA. (Vivenzi Family)

Devine Farm – 81 acres of almond and Clingstone peach orchard located in Fresno, CA. (Devine Farms, Inc.)

Fast Food Restaurant – partial taking for expansion of access to an interstate freeway, and the property included main improvements, excess land, advertising billboard, quantifiable damages and benefits, City of Industry, California (Paragon Partners)

Fast Food Restaurant and Excess Land with Billboard – on Walnut Drive, City of Industry, CA (Alameda Corridor East)

Fiber Optic Line – 182-mile subsurface fiber optic line located inside a transportation corridor, State of Kansas

Fractional Interest – 26.94 acre citrus farm, Redlands, CA.. (Nullin Family Trust)

Golden Cheese Company – one of the largest cheese manufacturing facilities in the western United States encompassing nine buildings equaling 146,011 square feet on 28.47 acres in Corona, CA. (Bank of Tokyo)

Great Western Bank Corporate Campus – four detached buildings built in 1992. They include a ten story Class A office building, a parking structure, an employment center, and a child care center in Chatsworth, CA. (Great Western Bank)

Grocery Store – 48,950 square foot, single story structure built between 1955 and 1988, Covina, CA (Marketplace Properties)

Historical Property – A 2-story, Queen Anne style structure with a gross living area of 3,513 square feet, built in 1892 with a detached 376 square foot fast food restaurant, built in 1959, in Pasadena, CA .(City of Pasadena)

Historical Commercial Property – Original jailhouse built in 1906, Santa Clarita, CA (City of Santa Clarita)

Hudson Respiratory Care Facility – including three detached manufacturing buildings equaling 244,253 square feet on 29.30 acres located in Temecula, CA. (Hudson Respiratory Care, Inc.)

Imperial School – a former school site of 5.66 acres in El Segundo, CA. (El Segundo Unified School District)

Industrial Property for a Partial Taking for Eminent Domain – at Soto Street and Washington Boulevard for part of the North End Segment of the Alameda Corridor Project (Alameda Corridor Engineering Team)

Landlocked single family dwellings – 2 detached dwellings built in 1991, Los Angeles, CA. (FDIC)

La Palma Medical Office Center – including two detached Class B medical office buildings on the campus of the La Palma Medical Center in La Palma, CA. (Unihealth America)

Lake Jennings Reservoir – including the reservoir, dam, pumping stations and pipeline right-of-ways located in San Diego, CA. (Helix Water District)

Los Angeles Toy District – 21,922 square feet retail building built in 1990, Los Angeles, CA. (Foothill Independent Bank)

Manufacturing Facility for Eminent Domain – on Santa Barbara Street for the Santa Paula Branch Line Recreational Trail (City of Santa Paula)

Memorex/Telex Research and Development Center – four attached modules containing 367,860 square feet on a 49.99 acre site located in Tulsa, OK. (Davis Polk and Wardwell)

Mexico – Amtech Reliable Elevator Co. manufacturing facility, including four detached buildings equaling 135,251 square feet on a 11 acre site in Rosarito, B.C., Mexico. (ABM Industries)

Multi-tenant Industrial Building – Four detached structures totaling 55,000 sq. ft. on 4.16 acres, Lancaster, CA (Toneman Properties)

Neighborhood Park – appraisal of fee simple interest and market rent for a park owned by the local unified school district for considering leasing the property to the city, Pasadena, CA (City of Pasadena)

Oak Gove Institute – a proposed 72,998 square foot adolescent residential treatment center located on 8.87 acres in Murrieta, CA. (Oak Grove Institute)

Partial taking – This appraisal project includes an easement and TCE for the Alameda Corridor East Project in Pico Rivera, CA (Alameda Corridor East)

Partial taking for public project – This appraisal assignment was for a proposed culvert to improve drainage as a public project (City of Huntington Beach)

Parks – four city parks located in Temecula, CA. (City of Temecula)

Partially completed single family residential developments – Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (FDIC)

Partial taking for expansion of an underground high pressure natural gas line – This proposed permanent easement included an exclusive and non-exclusive use of a portion of a property that is currently used for cattle grazing in Ventura County, California. (The Gas Company)

Partial Taking of Multi-Tenant Industrial Park – The partial taking included permanent easements and temporary construction easements and required demolition of a portion of the existing improvements in addition to severance damages, City of Industry, California (Alameda Corridor East)

Port of Long Beach – Current fair market value of fee simple interest as an aid in rent arbitration of the Toyota Marine Terminal, Long Beach, California (Port of Long Beach)

Proposed completed single family subdivision – La Canada, CA. (Foothill Independent Bank)

Proposed 34-unit apartment building – Los Angeles, Ca. (Foothill Independent Bank)

Religious Institution – As part of the Nisqualli Interchange Project, it required takings of permanent easements and temporary construction easements of one of the largest local churches, city of Victorville, California (City of Victorville)

Religious Institutions – appraisal of three churches located in Barstow, CA for possible sale (Whidden Realty)

Renewable Energy Corridor – partial taking of 32 parcels located in a renewable energy corridor for proposed road dedication, Kern County, California (Terra-Gen Power LLC)

Restrictive Use Easement (RUE) 360± acres for expansion of the Cane Brake Reserve and a proposed Restrictive Use Easement by the US Navy – Located north of Highway 178 and in the vicinity of Cane Brake, CA (State of California, Wildlife Conservation Board)

Riverside Community Hospital Medical Office Buildings – two detached Class A medical office buildings three and five stories high equaling a total area of 119,204 square feet. (Aid Association for Lutherans)

Shopping Center – 113,879 square foot, two-story structure, built in 1954, El Monte, CA (GMAC Mortgage)

Southmark Financial Center – a ten story Class A office building built in 1984 located in Long Beach, CA. (SHL Properties, Realty Advisors)

Surplus Parcels – appraisal of two surplus parcels that were heavily encumbered with underground utility easements for estimating reimbursement amount to the county, Valencia, California (Newhall Land & Farming Company)

Transportation Corridor, Metro Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project – Partial taking with severance damages, Inglewood, CA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

Water Pipeline Easement – appraisal of a 10-foot wide water pipeline easement on the existing UPRR transportation corridor, Santa Clara County, California (Union Pacific Railroad)

Waterfront Property – current market rent as an aid in renegotiating lease terms for 279,637 sq. ft. of land which was incorporated by a ground lease and improved with a 528-room Hyatt Regency Hotel and 1,137-car parking garage. 700 parking spaces associated with the parking structure are leased back to the tenant by the City (City of Long Beach)

  1. mile taking for a subsurface easement – a proposed 10-foot wide pipeline easement, Blythe, CA. (So. Cal. Gas Company)

  1. mile transportation corridor – for acquisition purposes, Lakewood, CA. (So. Cal. Edison)

4-Mile Transportation Corridor – for a proposed recreation trail located in Sonoma, CA. (SPTCo)

5-Mile Transportation Corridor – for street widening located in Visalia, CA. (SPTCo)

  1. mile pipeline – along the So. Cal. Edison transportation corridor, Long Beach, CA. (So. Cal. Gas Company)

37-Mile Transportation Corridor – located between Bakersfield and Taft for proposed freight and passenger service, Kern County, CA. (Kern Council of Governments and ICF Kaiser Engineering & Construction Co.)

87.93-Mile Transportation Corridor – Between Lone Pine, Inyo County and Searles Station, Kern County, CA (Union Pacific Railroad)

Hundreds of parcels for the California High Speed Rail Authority, California

13,000-Mile System-wide Transportation Corridor – as part of a small and efficient appraisal team. I personally appraised much of the property in California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and in Missouri for sale purposes for the Southern Pacific Transportation Company. (SPTCo)